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UP: Man killed by friends after asking them to pay back debt

Gulzar Khan

28 year old Gulzar Khan was allegedly killed by his two friends following he asked one of the accused to pay back the debt of around 1 lakh rupees in Dadri village in Gautham Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday.

The accused identified as Tinku and Bibith. Tinku took debt from Gulzar and his wife last year for the wedding ceremony of his sister.

Rashid Khan, brother of Gulzar’s wife while speaking to Maktoob over phone said that the accused called his brother in law in the morning saying that they will pay the amount of debt. “They were friends so they went to have some liquor together from a nearby liquor shop and they twisted his drink with some substance, which tripped him out.”

“They took him to tubewell to have a bath and killed him over there only, by burying his face into the mud pit,” Rashid said.

The postmortem report says that Gulzar’s food pipe, air pipe, intestine and lungs were chocked with mud. The other test which will confirm by which substance his drink was twisted is sent to Agra for forensic test. The report is yet to come.

A day after the murder, the Dadri police has filed a First Investigation Report against Tinku and Bibith who involved in the alleged murder. Sources say Tinku, one of the accused confessed to the killing.

Rashid also alleged that the investigating officers didn’t share any updates with the family of deceased and he doubted that police will turn the case around.

He also claimed that police is moulding the entire case and they have quoted the accused as “Gulzar was not returning his money instead so he killed him”, which is a flip story according to him.

Gulzar was a car driver by profession and is survived by his parents, wife and a six-year old daughter.

Gulista Khatoon, his wife while speaking to Maktoob said, “I gave our saved money to them in November 2020, after my husband insisted to give it for their sister’s wedding considering her as his own sister as they were good friends”.

“He even asked me not to tell anyone in the family that he gave all the savings to his friends, I asked him to get the money back, as it was the collective savings of my husband and my father in law. But when he went to ask for the money, they killed him,” she said.

She also alleged, “both the accused themselves went to police station to file a case against us before we could go. Tinku narrated the head-made story to the police as he took bribe”.


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