UP: Mob thrashes Muslim man, calls him corona carrier

A 25-year-old Muslim youth Abdul Samad was attacked by a Hindu mob outside a chemist store in Aligarh on false accusations that he was a “coronavirus carrier”.

The incident took place on Friday evening when a mob, called Abdul Samad a “coronavirus carrier”, thrashed him and left him unconscious with serious injuries outside the shop.

The mob used anti-Muslim slur and beat him with Hockey sticks.

“Beat him. He is a Muslim. He is a coronavirus carrier.” they uttered while beating Samad.

Samad was rushed to Malkhan Singh District Hospital by relatives who arrived at the spot after people raised an alarm.

“My son was feeling unwell after the fast on Friday night. He had gone to a chemist shop in the neighbourhood to purchase some medicine,” Samad’s father Laiqur Rehman told media.

“Had we not rushed him to the hospital, the injuries could have been fatal,” he added.

Samad is now out of danger and has been referred to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital.

Aligarh police have charged six people in the case.

“The prosecution is registered in the Bannadevi police station. Necessary legal action is being taken,” police said.

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