Sunday, March 3, 2024

UP: Muslim teacher dismissed for ‘ignoring’ student’s ‘Ram Ram’ greeting

A teacher at Saiema Mansoor Public School in Hathras district, Uttar Pradesh, has been dismissed from duty after a protest by Hindutva groups who claimed that ‘he did not respond appropriately’ to a student’s Hindu religious greeting of “Ram Ram.”

The teacher, Mohammed Adnan, was dismissed after Hindutva men and women gathered outside the school, in the Parsara village, on Saturday and recited the Hanuman Chalisa and shouted “Jai Shri Ram” slogans.

Following the Hindutva hate campaign, the school principal sacked Adnan, and issued an apology on his behalf while promising “measures to prevent such incidents in the future,” The Times of India reported.

The Times of India quoted Ravendra Kumar, an official in the district administration, as saying: “ A child said ‘Ram Ram’ to his teacher, but he did not respond to the greeting.”

Kumar added: “During the inquiry, the principal apologised and committed to preventing such incidents in the future. The district magistrate has ordered an investigation into the incident and the school management has acted by dismissing the teacher.”

“Children from both communities have studied in our school for the last 30 years and we never faced such an accusation before. However, we have removed Mohammad Adnan from duty, and the administration has formed a probe committee into the matter,” school principal Salman Kidwai said during a meeting with the authorities.


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