Saturday, December 9, 2023

UP: NSA Invoked against Muslim leader Javed Mohammad

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National Security Act (NSA) was invoked against Javed Mohammad, a community leader from Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad (Prayagraj), arrested on 10 June for his alleged role in the violence that erupted during a protest against derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammad.

NSA order was sent to jail on Saturday evening. The Stringent law lets government incarcerate a person for up to a year without charge or trial.

Mohammad was summoned on 10 June at around 8 pm and subsequently arrested by the local police. His wife and daughter were also detained later that night and only released on 12 June, hours before their house was demolished using bulldozers.

Mohammad was part of the city’s peace committees and the leader of Jama’at E Islami. He worked closely with the civic administration.

The plight of Mohammad’s family and the demolition of their house drew global outrage. Human rights groups and legal experts rallied behind Mohammad’s daughter and Muslim student leader Afreen Fatima, who alleged the harassment against her family was part of a “political vendetta”.

The family has challenged the demolition of their house and moved to the lower court for bail.

Police claimed Mohammed was the “Mastermind” of the violence, while the family maintain that he had no involvement in the protest that culminated in stone-pelting for a brief time.

Muslims across India were protesting to take legal action against ousted BJP leader Nupur Sharma for her derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammad in a television news debate. On 10 June, a Friday, violence was reported in several cities.

Mohammad’s family deny allegations against him and says he is “framed” for his involvement in an anti-CAA protest in the city. Many others who are named in FIR no. 0118 were also part of the anti-CAA protests.

Following the arrest, Mohammad was immediately shifted from Prayagraj’s Naini Jail to Deoria Jail over ‘security’ concerns.

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