Thursday, April 18, 2024

Uzbekistan says 18 children died due to India-made medicines

The Uzbekistan health ministry has said on Tuesday that at least 18 children died due to cough syrup made by Indian firm Marion Biotech.

Preliminary investigation showed the syrup made by the Noida-based company contains ethylene glycol, a toxic substance, the country’s health ministry said. Syrups are ideally not supposed to contain even traces of ethylene glycol, which is found in industrial grade of glycerine that is not permitted for medicinal purposes.

“Since the main component of the drug is paracetamol, Dok 1 Max Syrup was incorrectly used by parents as an anti-cold remedy on their own or on the recommendation of pharmacy sellers,” read the statement. “And this was the reason for the deterioration of the condition of patients.”

The Uzbekistan health ministry said that the children who died, took 2.5 millilitres to 5 milliliters of the cough syrup at home for three to four times a day, which was higher than the standard dose of the drug. After the deaths, tablets and cough syrups of Dok 1 have been withdrawn from sale in all pharmacies of the country, the health ministry said.

This comes two months after the World Health Organization in October issued a global alert for four cough syrups made by Haryana-based Maiden pharmaceuticals.


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