Video: Everyone knows who killed Afrazul Khan, then why is justice delayed?

Karwan e Mohabbat

“How cruel he was? How many times he held his feet and begged him for mercy, but he still did not leave him”, mourns Gulbahar Bibi, Afrazul Khan’s widow. She breaks down while attempting to recollect and narrate the horrors her husband met on 6th December, 2017 to Karwan e Mohabbat.

Afrazul Khan from Malda was hacked and burnt to death in Rajsamand, Rajasthan by Shmbhu Lal Regar and the video of his gruesome murder went viral on the internet. Yet his bereaved family live in isolation and their intense grief remains a private cross to bear.

Karwan e Mohabbat is a people’s campaign for solidarity, atonement & conscience – supporting survivors of hate crimes with legal, social and livelihood help.

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