Virginia Tech students come out in solidarity with victims of Delhi violence and anti-CAA protests

The students of Virginia Tech, one of the premium educational institutions in the USA showed solidarity with the victims of anti-Muslim violence in Delhi, stressing that ‘What’s going on Delhi is not a riot nor clash and it needs to be named orchestrated pogrom’.

“Narendra Modi is now busy building walls in India and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)/National Register of Citizens (NRC) are such walls,” Professor Peter Schmitthenner said.

“It’s an orientalist notion that Islam is a foreign religion and India is a pristine Hindu country,” Schmitthenner who is a professor in the Department of Religion and Culture at Virginia Tech told the protesters who gathered against Hindutva violence under the banner of Hokies For Free Speech.

Bikrum Singh Gill who is a professor in the Department of Political Science at Virginia Tech said that this is the latest of the series of anti-Muslim pogroms happening in India since independence like Gujarat, Bheevandi, Bhagalpur, Nelli and so on. He further declared his solidarity with the Muslim protestors of India.

Suchitra Samanta, professor in the Department of Sociology said that the anti-Muslim sentiment is deeply ingrained in social psych.

“It’s absolutely shocking that the Delhi police directly ruled by Mome Minister Amit Shah is compliant with what’s going on in Delhi,” Samanta expressed her anger while addressing the protest.

The demonstration was concluded with Saikat Mukherjee, a research student at Virginia Tech reading out the preamble of the Indian constitution.

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