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Watch: ‘Oppressed Unity’ of Hyderabad University slams casteism and Islamophobia in a campaign video

Tenaaz Mohazin

A  campaign video released by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) as part of the student’s union election in Hyderabad Central University represents martyr and the survivor of the casteist and the institutional murder Rohith Vemula, Chithra Lekha, the relentlessly attacked Dalit autorickshaw driver in Kannur and Hadiya, the women who underwent massive human rights violation for converting to Islam. UDA raises their banner high with pictures of Malcolm X, the spokesman of the black Muslim movement which violently rejected white America and Hima Das, the Assam athlete became India’s first track and field gold medallist at the IAAF World Championships. The video also proudly communicates the gesture of Sunkanna Velpula, a research scholar of HCU who denied to accept his doctoral degree from the then HCU vice chancellor Appa Roa, who had suspended Rohit Vemula from the campus.

This year, the student’s union election in Hyderabad Central University battles like this “VOTE FOR THE FIRST DALIT WOMEN PRESIDENT”. This year, the UDA is back. And this year a United Democratic Alliance have been called.

UDA formed in 2013 and led by the Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA), has joined with the Bahujan Students’ Front (BSF), the Dalit Students’ Union (DSU), the Muslim Students’ Federation (MSF), the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), the Students’ Islamic Organization of India (SIO) and the Tribal Students’ Federation (TSF).

HCU is going to witness an election in the limelight of a strong alliance that is framed from the unity of oppressed. This alliance calls out loud, addressing the subjective ignorance towards marginalised sections of society.

The alliance is competing with ABVP(ABVP + OBCF Other Backward Classes Federation and the newly formed Sevalal Vidyarthi Dal) while SFI has decided to march alone. “SFI declined to forge a larger alliance to combat communal forces on campus, for reasons best known to them. The SFI doesn’t want independent assertion from the margins. They especially don’t want to give space to the Muslim community” Dontha Prashanth, a senior member of the ASA told The News Minute.

Perhaps UDA is strong with 6 women representatives which they vehemently entitle “vote for the first women majority union”. Their principle-steered lines pronouns “vote for the first Muslim women in the central panel, first tribal general secretary and the first Dalit sports secretary”.

UDA had won the key posts of president and general secretary apart from cultural secretary during the 2014 elections. This alliance works to throw out ABVP in the 2018 elections too, which will take place on 5th October.


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