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‘We are hopeful that this government will fall in 2019’, say Mothers of Najeeb, Rohith and Junaid

To mark two years since the forced disappearance of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student Najeeb Ahmed, United Against Hate led a protest march from Mandi House to Parliamentary Street on Monday.

Those who joined the protest included Fatima Nafees, Najeeb’s mother, Radhika Vemula, mother of Hyderabad University student Rohith Vemula; Saira, mother of Junaid who was stabbed to death by Hindutva mob on a Mathura-bound train; and Ashiana Theba, wife of Majid Theba who went missing in Gujarat.

Leaders from Congress, RJD, SP, CPI, WPI , IUML and CPI-ML and students union leaders of JNU , AMU and Jamia Millia alleged the CBI did not carry out the investigation properly. Protesters came together and pledged that they would continue fighting  till justice is served to the Najeeb’s family.

I am not alone here. Three mothers are present here. I am challenging the ruling party which raising the slogans of ‘Sabke Sath Sabke Vikas’. Come here and stand with me. But no one of them reached here. There are many oppressed people around the country, they couldn’t reach to Delhi. Najeeb was in JNU in Delhi, so a lot of people and organizations came to stand with me. But there are many mothers who can’t come to Delhi. So, you must reach out to them and stand with them. mother’s pain is same everywhere. I am very thankful to you all as you have joined with me till now.  You are my children and we will bring back your brother. This regime is about to go. if God wills, it will go. And in 2019, some new regime will come and they will give us pleasure and will satisfy our demands. My tears are not dried. I don’t feel that I should cry here. when I feel cry, I weep sitting in front of God, He is my protector and He will listen me.

Fatima Nafees said.

When Rohith Vemula was killed, there was a national uproar against the killer VC Appa Rao. We demanded for his removal from the post. But BJP government instead protected him. The same BJP government also protected JNU VC in Najeeb’s enforced disappearance case. At the time of elections, do remember these atrocities committed by them. Share these experiences with people. Don’t vote for BJP!

Addressing the rally, Radhika Vemula said.

Various slogans and placards were raised during the protest and the meeting that followed. Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

They lynch us, blaming us of eating beef. They do not say anything when our children get murdered. They care more about cows than us. Their murderers are roaming free today. It is highly unjust. We nurture our children, educate them but these people snatch them from us and kill them. This is not about being Hindu or Muslim, this is about having a clear conscience.

Saira Begum, Junaid Khan’s mother told the hundreds of students and activists who gathered for demanding justice for Najeeb.

Various slogans and placards , seeking justice for Najeeb were raised during the protest and the meeting that followed.


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