Gujarat: 22-year-old Muslim youth gets life in prison for “illegal transportation of cows”

A 22-year-old Muslim youth was sentenced to life in prison by a sessions court at Vyara in Tapi district in Gujarat for “illegally transporting cow and its progeny for slaughter.” While delivering the verdict, the court said that all earth’s problems would be solved and the earth’s well-being would be established the day no blood of cow drops on the earth.

Mohammed Ameen Arif Anjum, a resident of Malegaon in Maharashtra’s Nashik district, violated the Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, 2017, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the Gujarat Control of Animal Transport Order, 1975, and the Gujarat Essential Commodities and Animal Control Act, 2015 as well as the Central Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2015, the court said.

Ameen has been sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 5 lakh.

The 24-page order by Principal District and Sessions Judge Samir Vinodchandra Vyas was written in Gujarati.

Ameen was arrested on 27 August 2020, a month after a truck, allegedly carrying 16 cows and bullocks and was spotted by Gujarat Police, the prosecution told the local court. The Muslim youth has already spent two and a half years in jail.

The court said that science has proved that houses made of cow dung are not affected by atomic radiation, and using Gaumutra (cow urine) is a cure for many incurable diseases.

The judge quoted a Sanskrit shloka saying that if cows become extinct, the universe will also cease to exist and that the origin of the Vedas with all its six organs is because of cows. 

The court, in its judgment, said that the cow is not just an animal, quoting a Sanskrit shloka: “Where cows remain happy, all wealth and property is gained. Where cows remain unhappy, wealth and property remain unhappy and disappear…The cow is the mother of Rudra, daughter of Vasu, sister of Aditiputras, and treasure of Dhrutroop Amrit.”

The judge said, “Cow is not only an animal, but it is the mother. That is why it is given the name of the mother. None is so grateful as a cow. A cow is the living planet of 68 crore holy places and thirty-three crore gods. The obligation of a cow on the entire Universe defies description. The day when no blood of cow drops on the earth, all Earth’s problems will be solved, and the earth’s well-being will be established. There is much talk of cow protection and rearing, but it is not put into practice.”