Now Please Don’t Utter The Word #StandwithJNU. Indian Universities are Gallows of Marginalized!

Muthu Krishan, A 25-year-old M. Phil student of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Dalit activist who was allegedly committed suicide in South Delhi’s Munirka Vihar on Monday evening.Muthu Krishnan had been at the forefront of the movement for justice for his friend and another Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula, who committed suicide in Hyderabad last year.

Here, the  responses from Classmates and co-activists of Muthu Krishnan.

Pallikonda Manikanta :-  Rajni Krish committed suicide. Not able to inform anything. Don’t know what to write. we are at munirka vihar

Heba Ahmad :- A Dalit Research Scholar in JNU has committed suicide. Now please don’t utter the word #StandwithJNU

Shan Muhammed :–   As Nehru said, universities of today are in rush to create the India of tomorrow. In the process and in the result, Dalit Bahujan generation is systematically wiped out day by day. Burn down JNU, HCU, EFLU and all institutions and put a permanent end to the modern institutional legitimacy of caste practice.

Dharmaraj Kumar :-  “Hey man Dharma, how are you ?” – It was the regular greeting whenever I met with the research scholar, Muthukrishnan, who committed suicide!

Only today, I came to know his name otherwise I was Dharma for him, he was Rajnikant for me.

Muthukrishnan was a research scholar pursuing M.Phil first year in Modern History, CHS, JNU.

We met at several occasions at several places within and outside JNU and all time with a big smile.

Once he asked me, “Hey Dharma, how you are always happy? When I see you, I feel happy. You are humorous enough to force anybody to laugh. How do you manage?”

I replied, “I am happy because my name is not Rajnikanth so I feel free from all wonders.”

After listening this, he laughed a lot
This conversation happened during JNUSU election time, 2016. Thereafter, whenever we met each other, we shared little things and laughed together.

Today, I heard the news that he committed suicide!

No words to say many things. I just want to say that in his happiness I discovered that how is it difficult to remain happy when you are not.

“Hey, Rajnikant, I really didn’t like this painful wonder.”

Suicide is not a wonder, it is a reality. It is the reality of our times. I am so frightened for many such suicides.

Please don’t commit suicide, friends. There are millions of possibilities to create happiness for others at least. Just your being with us was a matter of joy for us, and today you saddened all of us.

You will be sorely missed Muthukrishnan. You should have shared with us, we were all there only, for each other.

Muthukrishnan Krish Rajini


Prakash Purshewar :- How Rajini Krish you took this extremely wrong step??? maybe there was some force behind you that which pushed you to this stage and became a cause to end your life but you would fight back as you fought with your poverty and as you struggled with English, it may be would have taken some more time to overcome from your problems, but one day you would have achieved your dream, we were very inspired by your journey from Salem to the University of Hyderabad and then HCU to JNU but today you very disappointed to us, we miss you.

Umar Khalid – Our universities are being turned into grave yards for the oppressed.

Abdulla Ck Kottappally :- Indian universities are gallows of marginalized!

Bilal Majid :- dear Rajini i don’t hold for Obituaries, eulogizations and hagiographies but you will be soon molded with all of these… I am hurt, I am pained at your demise. I know u r gone, you will never return, we will never see and hear you again , you will be soon turned into a memory even I may forget you as there are enormous pains and sufferings in this world, how many we will be able to remember…. but the pain of death and ur absence on your parents is indelible…. I wish they will overcome this pain. I still can’t forget ur excitement and passion for your work when I met you last time in August 2106 in JNU… you seem very enthusiastic and thrilled but I really don’t understand what went wrong, what happen and why did u take this heart-wrenching step…. your loss is painful and distressing and I can’t stop wailing

Amritha K Ayyar :- When you feel like giving up, just remember the reason why you held on for so long.. “Never never never give up.”
Rest in peace muthu…Krish

Divya Bhagat :-  After Krish Rajini death, everything is not gonna be same. At least for me, can’t get off the thoughts in mind. I can’t fathom that a full of life person has committed suicide.

What would have made a person like Rajni to kill himself. Obviously it’s not a suicide, it’s a murder. Institutional murder!

Mamidala speak up now, cause you are a murderer Now.



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