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‘You are a Muslim’: 22-year-old killed by three friends in Haryana

Rahul Khan.

Meer Faisal and Musheera Ashraf report:

On 13 December, Rahul Khan a 22-year-old resident of Rasoolpur village in Haryana’s Palwal left his home with his friends named Kalua, Aakash alias Diljale and Vishal. Khan never returned home.

Kalua, Akash, and Akash came to Khan’s home at Rasoolpur on Monday and they demanded a treat from Khan, which he denied. They still took Khan with them. “Little did he know that this would cost him his life,” says Akram, brother-in-law of Rahul Khan.

On 14 December, Rahul Khan’s relative received a call from Kalua stating Khan met an accident.

“I went to Kalua’s house after the phone call. To my surprise, I was abused. They said: ‘Mulla, tu b agya , tujhe bhi mardene.’ This made me scared and I ran off,” he said to Maktoob.

The family members of Khan took him to hospital where he breathed his last almost 6 hours after admission.

Believing Kalua, Khan’s family lodged an FIR at the nearest police station Chandhat stating that Khan was killed in an accident but in the morning of 15 December, they came across a viral video, in which Khan was seen blood-soaked and being beaten mercilessly.

“In the video, the attackers can be heard saying ‘Hum Hindu Hain Hindu, Tu Mulla Hai Mulla‘,” Akram said to Maktoob.

“His body was in a bad situation, it seems he was beaten with axe and rods,” Akram said to Maktoob.

A social media user Sunil Chahal Chahal uploaded Khan’s photo on Facebook with a song in the background in which his blue-black wounds were clearly visible.

“Later, he deleted the story,” Akram claims.

Later, an FIR was lodged under IPC 209 and 304A at the Chandhat police station.

When Maktoob reached out to the police, the in-charge said that the case is being investigated and one arrest has been made so far.

“The video is also being investigated,” he added.

The post mortem report highlights the multiple traumatic injuries over the body. It also describes multiple injuries on the head, legs, and eyes.


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