Thursday, June 13, 2024

Zero representation of over 250 million Indians: No Muslim, Christian, Sikh MPs in NDA

No Muslim, Christian, and Sikh MPs are among the 293 elected MPs of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance.

Despite Muslims constituting over 200 million in India, Sikhs over 23 million, and Christians more than 22 million, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has no representation from these communities among its 293 elected MPs, according to an analysis by Hindustan Times.

Trinamool Congress leader and elected MP Mahua Moitra commented on the absence: “Over 200 million Muslims, 23 million Sikhs & 22 million Christians in India and yet NDA has zero representation in Lok Sabha. Modi Ke Saath Sabh Ka Vinaash.”

The Hindu nationalist BJP’s election campaign was marked by hate and genocidal comments against Muslims, India’s largest religious minority, with Narendra Modi himself delivering over a hundred hate speeches.

Over the last ten years under Modi, religious minorities, including Muslims and Christians, have faced a range of violence, from Hindu right-wing street violence to state-sponsored actions.

The upper-caste Hindus, including Brahmins, Rajputs, and others, make up 33.2% of the NDA list, while other “intermediate castes” such as Maratha, Jat, Lingayat, Patidar, Reddy, Vokkaliga, and others account for 15.7%. OBCs, including Yadav and Kurmi, represent 26.2% of NDA MPs. In the INDIA alliance, the representation is 12.4% upper-caste Hindus, 11.9% intermediate castes, and 30.7% OBCs.

Dalits constitute 13.3% in the NDA and 17.8% in the INDIA alliances. Tribal representation stands at 10.8% in the NDA and 9.9% in the INDIA alliance.

Muslim representation in the INDIA list is 7.9%, with 22 Muslim MPs elected on INDIA alliance tickets. The total strength of Muslim MPs in the 18th Lok Sabha is 24.

Christian representation in the INDIA alliance is 3.5%.

The Buddhist community has no representation in both the NDA and INDIA alliance winners.


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