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Bookshelf: Ayyankali, A Dalit Leader of Organic protest

“Ayyankali stood for the assertion, militantly opposed caste practices, fought for the rights of farmworkers, built schools for Dalits, organized an agrarian strike in 1907, fought for representation, fought for the emancipation of women. A radical organic leader born on this day in 1863,” on the birth anniversary of Ayyankali, co-author of Ayyankali A Dalit Leader of Organic Protest Meena Kandasamy tweeted.

The book Ayyankali A Dalit Leader of Organic Protest was co-authored by M Nisar and Meena Kandasamy and published by Other Books.

Publisher’s words: “Pulayars, one of the many Dalit communities in Kerala, were ordered to keep at a distance of ninety-six steps away from a Brahmin, not allowed to cover themselves above the waist or below the knees, denied admission to public roads and subjected to endless oppression. Besides, they were bought and sold as slaves even up to the middle of the nineteenth century. Ayyankali (1863-1941), one of the foremost Dalit leaders, challenged these brutal caste codes. This book chronicles his organic protest in Travancore and provides a critical analysis of the social reform movements in Kerala under the colonial rule.”

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PublishersOther Books
Published Year2007
No of Pages103

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