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Chidanand S Naik, Pune film institute student, bags ‘La Cinef’ award for best short film at Cannes

Chidananda S Naik’s film ‘Sunflowers Were The First To Know” received the Cannes’ La Cinef Award for Best Short at 77th Cannes Film Festival in France.

The winner was officially announced on 23rd May at the festival where the filmmaker received the award.

‘La Cinef’ is an official section of the festival aimed at encouraging new talents and recognises films from film schools across the world. The film was among 18 shorts (14 live-action and 4 animated films) selected from a total of 2,263 films submitted by 555 film schools all over the world.

The film has been directed by Chidananda S Naik, shot by Suraj Thakur, edited by Manoj V and sound by Abhishek Kadam

Chidananda was a doctor in Mysuru before he switched to filmmaking by joining the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in Pune. He created this award-winning short during his time at the film institute.

The film draws inspiration from a Kannada folk tale, weaving a captivating narrative around an elderly woman who steals a rooster, triggering unexpected consequences for her village. Despite facing initial hurdles, Naik poured his heart into bringing this beloved childhood story to the screen.

As he told Variety, “We had only four days. I was basically told not to make this film. It’s based on folklore from Karnataka. These are the stories we grew up with, so I was carrying this idea since my childhood.”


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