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Creating wonders in the world of paintings through her legs. Meet Ummul Kulus

Ummul Kulus is creating wonders in the world of paintings through her legs. She is the youngest daughter of Mohammed Hanif and Umaiba. Called ‘Ullu’ by loves ones, she lives in Palakkad. Ullu is all set to create a unique mark in the world of colours through her art.

This 31-year-old woman was born without hands. Her legs were of different sizes. But Ullu has managed to piant, making use of her differences. It was her father who trained her at a young age to create paintings and filled her life with colours.

Ullu and her paintings are famous in Kerala and she has admirers through out the state. Ullu has painted more than 500 pictures so far. She had made more than 5000 seed pens which are ecofriendly.

Ullu lost her father when she was 26 and it’s her best friend Suhra and others who supported in her endeavors.

The painting exhibition named ” Shade the eight colors of the rainbow” has been inaugurated on November 4th in Mann cafe, Chalappuram. Renouned free lance photographer Ajeeb Komachi innagurated the exhibition. it will be open till november 30



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