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Little Detectives learn that Science is Fun

Children learnt that science can be wild, wacky and marvellous fun, at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2019, during the Little Detective workshop.

The young participants were captivated as the instructor took them on a mystery tour of a murder scene and had them hunt for clues to solve the crime. Rushing about the room they hunted for keys, weapons or other evidence left behind by the criminal.

They then became Special Agents who had think up answers to exciting conundrums such as where to hide a secret code, or where the criminal might go to hide. The large group of 7-12-years-olds were thrilled and engaged as they came up with ideas for special disguises, as well as secret names for each other, and the best method for secret messages using invisible ink involving white paper and lemon juice.

The assembled group got increasingly more excited as they ventured further into their detective characters. The noise rose considerably as they broke into two groups to solve the puzzle of the picture cards presented to them. The task was to examine these seemingly ordinary everyday scenes and detect what was wrong with them. Scanning each detail in-depth, the kids discovered such hidden activities as a pick-pocket and signs of a break-in.

Compiled by Roshna K.


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