Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Madrid Bans Manspread And Do We Know What That Is?

Manspread is a term with which Indians are not much acquainted  with. While Nations like Japan have given warning signs and symbols against manspread , the capital of Spain have banned it already 3 days ago.

Now this is something you should be aware of. Manspread is the man’s sitting habit in public transport vehicles,were they consume more than their personal place. Its the practice of men sitting with wide open legs in public transport vehicles including metros, which can also do convey some not- so-good impressions of that person.

Since the term has so much of feminism associated with, it has given rise to various debates and discussions. And the funny part is Actor Tom Hanks is the new face of manspread because, a picture of him spreading was caught in the cameras. “The new icons mission is to remind people for the need to keep a civil behavior and to respect the space of everyone in the bus” said Madrid Transport vehicle company.

Discussions with manspread as a menace or as a biological reason has taken over the social media and visual media platforms. Even I was thinking of the times when my Father used to take so much of space and leave us with little place in the autorikshaws. Who thought that this habit of him would get banned one day !

Now next time when you travel on a bus or train ,just run your eyes across man passengers and think about your perspective. Does that annoy you? Or is it something men are used to ? Certainly! But, when our debates are latched on the cause of a menstruating women over the issue of her entry to a worshipping place , other Nations have arrived elsewhere. Ah yes,I know, we have a long way to go! But let’s strive for the thousand other issues going on here.

Compiled by Tenaaz Mohazin ( Intern at Maktoob Media)


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