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“RRR is undisguised Hindutva propaganda”: Reactions to Golden Globe win

Soon after SS Rajamouli’s blockbuster RRR wins Golden Globe 2023, a section of the audience took to social media to reiterate their criticism that the movie is a pro-Hindutva and an anti-Adivasi movie.

The movie won a Golden Globe in the Best Song category for Naatu Naatu.

“No one cares that RRR is undisguised Hindutva propaganda?” asks award winning filmmaker Anand Patwardhan.

Many users shared The Caravan Magazine’s piece on the movie, to claim that SS Rajamouli was dehumanising Gond community through RRR movie.

“The film’s success represents the underlying reality of Indian society, which either does not see Adivasis at all or merely categorises them as “primitive” forest-dwellers. This is certainly true of Indian cinema, which has a long history of perpetuating stereotypes and is yet to produce a film with an empowering tribal protagonist,“ read Caravan article.

“In RRR, there’s a upper caste gaze yes but there’s also (for instance) pushing of a hindutva mythology narrative and erasure of certain freedom fighters in a song sequence. this is very much a propaganda film,” said a user.

“The joke that used to run very regularly about Rajamouli is that RSS nickname is more apt for him than SSR. Not only is he venomously casteist as his own tweet shows, he is also an ardent supporter of all Brahmin Nationalists of the RSS and Hindu Mahasabha. You’ll see that in the symbols used in RRR. But we can keep polambifying like this, the man will use his caste clout and Paisa to buy Oscar also. That too for his substandard MOKKA film,” journalist Greeshma wrote on Instagram.


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