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Social media ‘driven’ by ‘narrowness of views’: Shah Rukh Khan amid calls to boycott Pathaan

Amid calls to boycott Pathaan movie, super star Shah Rukh Khan said that social media is “driven” by “narrowness of views.”

“I read somewhere negativity increases social media consumption and thereby increases its commercial value as well. Such pursuits enclose the collective narrative, making it divisive and destructive,” Khan said at during his speech at 28th edition of the Kolkata International Film Festival.

Ever since Pathaan’s song “Besharam Rang” was released, the hashtag ‘Boycott Pathaan’ has been trending on social media. Hindutva handles on social media are objecting to the green and saffron costumes of SRK and Deepika Padukone in the song.

Khan went on to say: “Cinema and advent of articulation through social media platforms have now become the foremost expression of human emotions and experience. The collective narrative of our times is shaped by social media and contrary to the belief that the spread of social media will affect the cinema negatively, I believe cinema has an even more important role to play now.”

He said, “Cinema exposes the vulnerability of human nature by telling stories in their simplest form, as they are lived. It allows us to know each other better. In a way, it is best placed to sustain a collective counter-narrative that speaks to the larger nature of humankind, a narrative that brings to the fore that humanity has an immense capacity for compassion, unity and brotherhood.”

Khan added: “Meeting the world at the world of cinema is the call of the day. Not just meeting, but also using the power of cinema as a vehicle for people of different cultures, colours, castes and religions to better understand each other. Through endeavours like KIFF, the endeavour is to build new platforms to break existing prejudices. Let’s come together and build a better world for our future generation through the medium of cinema.”


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