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Sri Lankan journalist launches a journal for lockdown narratives

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Amidst the deadly pandemic of coronavirus, a Colombo-based editor-writer, Sunila Galappatti launches a journal for lockdown narratives. Solidarity from two meters away’, the online platform went live on March 20 as countries all around have gone strict shut down from the outer world.

The entries are short, first-person narratives of experiences of not more than 1-2 days, but the only theme provided is COVID-19.

Stories of the trauma of being locked up, resources less and psychologically deserted arise from not just the third world countries. People come up with narratives from U. K, India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Portugal, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

Ms. Galappatti shares, that the journal is with the sole objective of recording worldwide crisis in the time of the ongoing medical emergency.

The attempt is to share personal experiences of the lockdown and to make the world discover how people are experiencing elsewhere, thus creating a feeling of togetherness.

The Sri Lankan writer admits the reality that these can only be the incomplete stories, that of the ‘privileged’, and those under least pressure, as many have no concrete shelters and stocked up groceries to think about narrations and journals.

Sri Lanka has reported 117 cases of coronavirus and the death rate is 1 person. Nearly 3500 people have been under quarantine in 45 quarantine centers which also include 31 foreigners from 14 countries.

The novel coronavirus outbreak has caused more than one-third of the global population to shut themselves in lockdown. Less than 7 lakh were infected and the death toll has risen into over 33,000.

Nada Nasrin is a student of English literature at Ramjas College, University of Delhi

Nada Nasrin
Nada Nasrin
Nada Nasrin is a student of English literature at Ramjas College, University of Delhi


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