Monday, February 26, 2024

Dare to Date A Book Lover? [Video]

Dating is no longer unfamiliar to us. But how many of you would dare to date a Book Lover?

Penguin is celebrating their 30 years of serive in India. They have been always entertaining and inspiring us with their excellent collection of books. On their 30th birthday, Filter copy on their Facebook page, released a video “A Date with a Book Lover” which portrays the life of a book lover and the changing emotions he experiences while imagining himself as a character. The video has became a great encouragement for the book lovers who are often categorized as ‘Boring people’ out here.

The protogonist of the story represents many of our young generation readers who lives in Books. The story has highlighted the strong bond between a good reader and books. A much inspiring video which encourages the youth to grow their spirit of reading.

Compiled by Dilna Riyaz


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