And More Than Anything, Ummathhi Has Made Me An Unapologetic Muslim

Zainab Amal

How long before we wait for the world’s conscience to be pricked while we watch our brethren dying? Till when would we all hear things happening to the Muslim community and still exist helplessly?

We find Syrians shouting to the world, “Bashhar is killing us!” Again, No! Don’t expect the collective conscience to be affected.

And Rohingyans, please please hold on. I don’t know what else to say. Whoever must have stopped the ‘ethnic cleansing’ is keeping their mouth shut and enjoying it happen.

We see our brothers and sisters in Palestine holding onto the immense faith they have and pose a threat to the Zionist Israel telling – No! Gaza never sleeps.

Since when we have kept seeing the image of a boy crying over his father’s dead body, a bride over her to-be’s, a son over his mother’s; and watch them all telling the world that they wouldn’t stop fighting?

Never stop narrating to your young girls the story of the 17 year old Asma, and let them live pondering on what Baltaji had written to this beloved daughter of his.

And to your young boys, recount who Muhammad Al Durrah was. Tell them to fight this horrible murderous ideology back. Ask them to never abide by it.

If anytime you find your helplessness urging you to give up, remind your willpower of who Hadiya is. Keep recalling Fatima Nafees’s struggle.

Isn’t it forever that we’ve got to remind each other of the Quranic verse wherein Allah says : Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe.” And won’t be tested? [29:2]

Finally, at the end of the day, all you to do is to keep praying and reminding each other, “Indeed, Allah’s Promise is true!”

If all of these did something to me, it is making me stronger. Wallahi, my community has made me patient. And more than anything, Ummathhi has made me an unapolegetic Muslim.

Zainab Amal is a graduate student of Sociology , Lady Shri Ram College , New Delhi.


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