Saturday, March 2, 2024

To The Man Who Wants A Woman To Bleed Red On Their First Night…

Hiba Farook

You should know this,

When she was three, her tiny fingers were rubbing her uncle’s junk, apparently that was a secret game(shh).

When she was five, the dhoodh wala wasn’t smiling at her genuinely, he was capturing a memory for his night’s relief.

When she was 10, the bus driver loved her not for her cheerful face, but to fill his morning with a touch and poke.

When she was 15, her boyfriend wasn’t her lover. He was a thief, stole her first kiss.

When she was 20, her cousin, yes the one you talked right before capturing that perfect picture, was her nightmare in disguise.

At 23, when she enters your room, will you be yet another of these men, or will you make love?

Oh, she won’t bleed, but if she does, it’s her eyes that’ll bleed.
Photo:  The Sad Bride by Katiuscia Bayslak(Google)

Hiba Farook is a creative writer in Social Media and a Functional English graduate from Farook College , Kozhikode.


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