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Can the Bahujan walk freely in the Progressive Island called JNU?

Thallapelli Praveen, research scholar and president of BAPSA, JNU writes ;

The screening of “In the name of Love” was like an All India Radio broadcasting a ‘yojana’ of the party in power. Do not ask me why the video was not available, as ABVP solely knows the answer to it. After the screening, the Propaganda Ministry got dumbstruck that nothing controversial happened that can be aired on the Zee planet. So it decided to ‘lynch/kill activists who stand in firm opposition to ABVP politics. Howbeit, the pulse of the activists who resist hegemony failed ABVP’s best possible ‘attempt to lynch/kill’.

Intimidation that continues day and night isn’t assuring peace among the Bahujan’s. Yes! ABVP’s screening of Love that had sparked fear among the Bahujan students continues till now. Post-screening, Rahul Sonpimple, Sumeet Samos and Sukriti Sharma were intimidated at 24*7 Food court. Amir Malik was chased at T-point and he escaped death/murder. Loudly shouting, “Bolo Jai Jai Bharat Mata’ (say Victory to Bharat Mata) I was chased till my room. While I walked calmly, they said: “mooh mein Dahi lagaya kya” (is there curd in your mouth). Yesterday, Rahul Sonpimple was intimidated again, at Periyar hostel/Godavari Dhaba area. After the rally, while going to Ganga Dhaba, Waseem Rs, Sadat Hussain, Sumeet Samos, Dhawa Sherpa, Rahul Sonpimple and Thallapelli Praveen were mocked at Narmada Hostel crossroad. Having realized that ABVP’s ‘gangleaders’ Saurabh Sharma, Akhilesh Pathak etc were standing on the opposite side of the road and silently observing, ABVP goons that comprised girls, after passing us, turned back and loudly shouted aao aake rape karo (come, come and rape us). Immediately, Waseem Rs pointed out that look this is the political understanding and feminism of ABVP.

ABVP’s women cadre imagination of Bahujan men is that they rape. Little do they realize that फसाद का जड़ जो हैं मंदिर है (the root of the problem of disturbing the public and women, in particular, is temple) as my friend Dheeru Yadav calls it. Therefore, the adherents of ABVP are those that perpetuate rape and rape culture.

While Bahujan’s (belonging to Dalit, Adivasi, Backward and Muslim community) sit at hostel/Dhaba area, walk to their rooms or walk on the roads, they are shouted at and provoked so that some kind of fight erupts and their bay for blood could be achieved. Intimidation is encapsulating or defining the Bahujan’s life in JNU.

If ABVP goons are more than 10 plus in number, they are immediately intimidating at one progressive activist or the other. Without intimidating one or the other progressive activist; their day can’t be signed off, following Shaka’s disciplines strictly assumes the ABVP goons. Intimidation (of the opponent) is the intimate partner of ABVP.

‘Resistance of one form or the other is the existence or existence is dependent on resistance’; to the Bahujan’s, as their lives are always in an existential crisis, therefore, intimidation isn’t anything new at all.

Regardless of the 40 plus year history of Left/Progressive culture, intimidating Bahujan’s is the saga of Progressive “Debate and Dissent” JNU!! For the Bahujan activists who exist in JNU as students, the question or the existential crisis is “Can the Bahujan walk freely in the Progressive Island called JNU?”


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