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HCU: Support the Alliance for Social Justice , A Note from ASA

At the outset, for the first time in 30 years, BJP came to power with an absolute majority in the centre. Three and half years into governance, sidelining the development agenda, Modi Government is busy in upholding communal, casteist and divisive agenda. In this process, University of Hyderabad witnessed an unprecedented attack on Five Dalit Research Scholars including Rohith Vemula belonging to Ambedkar Students Association by BJP, MHRD and UoH VC Podile Apparao for upholding the Politics of Self-Respect, which went to the extent of institutional murder of Rohith Vemula. In addition, Administration during 2016-17 academic year had enforced various anti-student measures such as illegal and arbitrary reduction of intake resulting in violation of Reservation Policy and delegitimizing the Students Union by different means.

In that juncture, as a continuation to the historic struggle against the Sangh Parivar onslaught, for the Students Union election, ASA had proposed the idea for a united front consisting of all democratic forces to fight against ABVP and the casteist UoH administration that has been standing as a tool of the right wing fascists under their henchman Podile Appa Rao.

Terms of Alliance:
1) The alliance shall be entered as two fronts, one ASA led front consisting of ASA, MSF and SIO, and the other front consisting of SFI, DSU, TSF, TVV.
2) Each front partners shall decide which organization would contest in the election for which post.
3) The Election shall be fought under a united banner without naming any organization.

On behalf of the ASA led front, it has been decided that ASA will contest for the post of President and MSF will contest for the post of Joint Secretary.

ASA since its inception is committed towards fighting for entitlements of students without any compromise and its resistance to Right Wing Forces is self-explanatory on the struggles that it fought and the victories that it won. We shall continue to forge larger alliances to empower the oppressed, and shall not leave any stone unturned in ensuring burial of ABVP with the forged Grand Alliance in the name of “Alliance for Social Justice (ASJ)”.

Jai Bhim!

Ambedkar Students’ Association


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