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Jingoistic nationalism and Construction of ‘Muslim threat’: ABVP agendas in JNU

The incidents revolving around JNU youth since the past many days isn’t appreciable .Some usual events shall be summarized like this: “Why don’t you go to Pakistan”,they ask.You look similar to JNU products,therefore Delhi police takes you into custody.People stepping back from lending rooms to JNU Students.Once these were the only experiences of Kashmiri and Muslim students.But now this top university’s library website is being hacked.The JNU professor being attacked by the ABVP workers during a program at Banaras Hindu university.The RSS supporters and aggressors attacking students union president and professors at the court surroundings,who has already applied for bail. Continuous obscene behaviors wheeling the professor’s residents.These are only the few encounters of the Sangh Parivar campaign.

ABVP agendas in JNU

This modern university also has all the radical motives behind India’s injustice.The political tactics of ABVP in JNU id as well to evacuate the fight for justice.The recent issues encircling in JNU is a result of malfeasance of SC,ST,OBC reservation seats.

It was only in the last month when central university’s Dalit research student penned his suicidal note to the Vice Chancellor Madan Mehra.”The professors are renouncing my scholarship application,is being mentally molested and if not resolved, then will commit suicide were the letter’s content.Through Right To Information Act,we came to know that,so far no SC student has been granted PhD by university . Yet the ABVP has not been acting sympathetically to all these protests.Also,the thriving Ambedkar Students Organisation,which targets to open up the caste agendas of ABVP is restricting their growth.While this organisation screened documentaries “cast on,menu card,Muzafar Nagar Baki hai” ,it was ABVP who unfastened attack.They ,in order to dissolve the entry of lower class’s investigation upon social justice has been taking efforts through jingoistic nationalism .They are in fact frightening the student and other independent organisations away from the voice of social justice.Therefore it isn’t an accident when minorities , Muslims or Dalit students of JNU are being arrested and chased.


Construction of ” Muslim as a color of threaten” 

Even though JNU students union leader Kanayya Kumar had been arrested,the government’s real target is JNU’s former DSU worker Umar Khalid.It deserves a long underline for the question why Umar Khalid is pictured as a terrorist by the entire nation.This also signifies the depth of anti-Muslim roots inside our society.Umar Khalid is a research scholar who studies about Indian Adivasi population.And now he is called as an anti-nationalist by some.However the entire campus remain the witnesses towards Umar Khalid’s voice for Dalit,Adivasi,women and other neglected groups.

In fact,the right wing media have now carved a population awaiting his murder.Hence the general society and media is celebrating ‘Umar Khab'(when is umar’s arrest ).Stories have been framed narrating his visit to Pakistan,while the person doesn’t at minimum hold a passport.On top,he’s been labelled by RSS as the master mind for JNU’s Muslim terrorism.”He has contacts with Jaish-Muhammed”,says the intelligence.Yet this was rejected lately,it has already ingrained people’s mind.

Poster’s in Delhi and premises say,” Umar Khalid is a terrorist,shoot at sight”.”This is Umar Khalid,Muslim,he loves Pakistan,kill him”along with his photo circulates across social media.Therefor the strategic silence adopted by IS/SFI/AISF and other left wing organisations can never withstand against fascism.However ,in-spite of these noises,even the JNU campus has begun to discuss this lately.

Media trial

The dark side of press reports and channel talks have been disclosed through the JNU issue.By neglecting the student’s and professor’s opinion,the media was arranging the right platform for Sangh Parivar propaganda.”You have no right to speak,you are all terrorists ” was the utterance of Arnab Goswami to the students in the news room.Those Hindi news media influenced by RSS staged the limitless nationalist emotion.Nevertheless a reporter recently intruded into our hostel mess and said by focusing his camera lens into our plates “This the subsidy food of terrorists”.These unfold the fact that the extreme right wing nature of media has already processed JNU into trial before court did.The strengthening social justice is being renounced by media and Sangh Parivar past jingoistic nationalism.This is the right time for all democratic believers to stand up and fight against this fascist menace upon students.

Waseem R.S
Waseem R.S
Waseem R.S is a Ph.D. candidate at Jawaharlal Nehru University.


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