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‘Many reasons why I left SFI’. Kerala student, survivor of the campus violence tells her story

The brutal attack on girls of Govt. College Madappally, Calicut, Kerala by SFI (Students’ Federation of India, the student’s wing of CPIM) workers has invited sharp criticism from several corners. following this, thirteen workers of the SFI have been arrested in connection with the attack on students including girls. The Kerala Students Union, the Muslim Students Federation, and the Fraternity Movement protested against the SFI’s hegemony in the campus. Bahujan students organizations including BAPSA JNU, Ambedkar Students Association, and even JNU ally AISA criticised SFI’s thrashing of girl students at Kerala’s College.

Here, Rasha Ahammed, the second year graduate student of Political Science at Govt. College Madappally tells her story of a transition from SFI and many reasons why she left the CPIM students wing. 

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Rasha Ahmed. As a matter of fact, I’m ashamed of being a “MADAPPALIAN”. Let me narrate my story of a transition from SFI  to UDSF (an ally of MSF and NSUI Kerala chapter).

It was one of the wishes on my bucket list to get admission in Govt. College Madappally, Calicut. As my higher secondary teachers were antagonistic towards this campus. And when I got admission there, my parents were reluctant to send me. when I enquired about their reluctance they showed me the videos of Salwa AbdulKadr and Thamjida who were brutally attacked by SFI ‘goons’.

Me being leftist and my uncles too. I couldn’t really believe the fact that SFI could do such things to girls. With displeasure, I debated with my father about this. Believing in leftism. It was in the month of July, I set foot on my campus. When I entered there it was the opposite scene of what my dad predicted. It was a joyous campus with full of SFI help desks. When classes began I joined with SFI for their marches and yes I too proudly vocalised loudly Freedom, Democracy and Socialism SFI Sinadabaad”.

But when I came into the brutal reality of campus, I understood that my dad was absolutely right and SFI’s screaming was just merely an assemblage of alphabets. There was no freedom for those who raised their voice against SFI.
There was no democracy and only imperialism existed. And Socialism was far and far away from those SFI goons. In front of us, they started tearing and lit a fire for the banners of other parties and also abused them.

This was the turning point of me Transition from SFI to an Anti-SFI. I and some of my companions started to understand the reality. And we started to raise our voice against this hooliganism and we became the participants of UDSF (United Democratic Students Federation), an ally of MSF and KSU(NSUI Kerala chapter).

And you think why can’t we complaint all these things to our teachers? You know I feel ashamed to call them teachers. To be a teacher you don’t need to take any PHDs just a kind heart is only needed. Teachers are, more than any other class, the guardians of civilizations. They should stop falsehood. Our so-called teachers are politically hijacked. I still remember our nomination day in 2018, that day won’t fade away from my memory. It was on that day I literally cried in the college for the first time. Those goons didn’t allow one of my friend, who was a very strong candidate of UDSF to give his nomination.T hose goon didn’t allow him as they were scared of having an opponent that he may win. So they took him away to the students union office. They told him that most of the SFI students were not here to grab graduation but for a quotation of 3 yrs in the campus. And the party will look after their cases and that they are not bothered or worried about it. They also added that at present there are a lot of cases pending on them and a new case will be of no issue for them. So it is better to not give your nomination. (A threat tone indeed)

Even though they have tried their level best to restrict us from contesting elections., Whenever we had a competition we too have got numerous votes. And isn’t this is what is called democracy. Democracy is not when you or me, its when we both come up with switching ideas for development!  ‘No democracy without dissent’.

Even though we have complained several times to our so-called teachers. It was all in vain. They just kept numb.
This is not the single incident which I mentioned here there were many other incidents in which my friends were warned with iron rods for working in UDSF.

It was just like a mental trauma for all of those, who was in a different party. They are just torchering us. There’s no more harmony in the campus. We have come here to attain our graduation, not to get criminal cases on our back.
By severe and continuous threat from these goons, one of my friends was forced to change his college from a govt to a private one. The only mistake he did was he contested in the 2017 election.

And for the last few days, the issues happening in our college is not that pleasant. Girls are being brutally attacked in front of the mass and attacking all those boys who they feel can come up as leaders and question the working of SFI goons.

If a women raise the voice or put out her pointer finger out the only thing they keep “stammering” will be you are a girl, just a girl. I wonder how can they yell about equality on dice and without swallowing the saliva, ask girls these kinds of rubbish questions!

My dear SFI..these is not the question female students expecting from you!
Change yourself and Grow up comrade.

I am a communist basically and this is not the communism that my forefathers taught me or what I have seen or experienced. Let me call you Bloody SFI’s of Madappallly. Let questions come against you if you are right, you don’t have to suppress them, you can heartily welcome them.

Today with the same tongue which called out SFI Sindaabaad. ..
I can fearlessly call out SFI Murdabaad. Murdabaaad Murdabaaad!!

Bloody SFI’s of Madapppallly-this transition is only because of your actions. From SFI to ANTI SFI.

This is not just a story from my side. There’s a lot out there to raise their voice against these inhospitable men. But they’re just scared abt these people. But don’t count me on that group. I fight not for me.. for my friends, for Madappalians. We want peace and harmony. SFI means students federation of India, not the opposite.[0]=68.ARA9parJEPioUAX4Te-Cx85qyu_wYi4vzJ-JHixf-NaGHHerZIJNCdwKaDTcLbJrnvyHxwvS4Uwo1hD8Th7VSKz9eTvTIQG-VYZsNLWQWWRYKVS9AOryZS-gQrOIqddwFkUGTZUrsDH7J7FmQe_53QCVqTTnnNVO28HH-bi7q-w1ts7gHLPf&__tn__=C-R


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