“Disgrace to Football,” Iran coach demands Jurgen Klinsmann’s resignation from FIFA

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Iran’s head coach, Carlos Queiroz slammed remarks made by football pundit Jurgen Klinsmann against Iranian players during a live discussion on BBC sports after the Arab team’s 2-0 win against Wales.

“No matter how much I can respect what you did inside the pitch, those remarks about Iran Culture, Iran National Team and my Players are a disgrace to Football,” Queiroz tweeted.

On Saturday, Klinsmann said, “This is their culture” referring to fouls and challenges made by Iranian players against the Walsh team.

The former German footballer implied that underhanded tactics were a part of Iranian culture and go on to say the same of the Guatemalan referee.

After the outrage, Klinsmann said his comments on Wales v Iran game were “purely football related.”

“Unfortunately, this was taken out of a footballing context. I have many Iranian friends and was always full of compliments for their people, culture, and history. I wish them only the best for the tournament,” he tweeted.

“We would like to invite you as our guest, to come to our National Team Camp, socialize with Iran players and learn from them about the Country, the people of Iran, the poets and art, the algebra, all the millennial Persian culture and also listen from our players how much they love and respect Football.”

The former Iranian footballer also demanded Klinsmann resign his position as a member of Qatar 2022 Technical Study Group.

The BBC segment highlighted the challenges made by Iran and let Klinsmann continue making remarks against the referee and the Iranian team.

Sports observers from the Arab region have registered their protests on social media against Klinsmann and BBC for not interrupting his comments.