Friday, June 21, 2024

Topic: Aadivasi

Jharkhand: Tribal man killed, Muslim man injured in 2 separate mobs attacks

A tribal man was beaten to death and a Muslim youth was seriously injured in two separate incidents of mobs attacks surfaced at two different locations in Jharkhand.

Bharat Bandh Live: RSS is hell bent on scrapping the reservation of SC/ST & OBCs, says Tejaswi Yadav

A nationwide shutdown has been called by several tribal and Dalit groups on Tuesday despite the February 13 ruling by the Supreme Court to stay eviction of 10 lakhs tribals and other forest dwellers.

We reject February 13 order of Supreme Court to evict Adivasis: Human Rights Forum

Human Rights Forum (HRF) rejected the February 13 order of the Supreme Court that calls for eviction in a summary and time-bound manner of those whose claims for forest rights under The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act (FRA) have been rejected.

Poem; When your best citizens are killed on the streets, and piled in the jail…

A poem by Adivasi rights activist Abhay Xaxa

In Kerala , Adivasi Youth Was Beaten to Death By Mob And A Selfie of The Same Shared on Social Media

He was beaten up severely and this brutal incident was made worse when a selfie was taken of the same and shared on social media platforms. 

The State of Adivasi Resistance in Kerala: Marking The 15th Year of Muthanga Land Struggle

Now, it has been 15 years since this tragic incident occurred and still the Adivasi communities of Kerala are being denied of basic rights such as land, education, and health. The progressive society of Kerala has conveniently forgotten the struggle lead by the Adivasi communities to secure their basic rights and the progressive Government has turned a deaf ear to the existential issues faced by the Adivasis.