Saturday, December 9, 2023

Topic: Ambedkarite

Ambedkarite group demands Google’s apology for cancelling Thenmozhi Soundararajan’s talk

Ambedkar Association of North America has strongly condemned Google's “reprehensible action” last week, of canceling a pre-approved, scheduled talk on caste based discrimination by Dalit activist Thenmozhi Soundararajan of Equality Labs to Google's employees to mark the Dalit History Month.

Has post-Ambedkar Dalit middle class failed to produce true leadership?

Neither the Dalit political leaders nor Dalit educated class dared to ask, 'What about the land distribution to the landless?' One might argue that such a demand could have derailed the movement.

Five years of self sacrifice and solitude of anti-caste Muslim politics

Ambedkar was alone in his thought and politics. Rohit was alone in his life and death. None other than his soul could know that he was walking towards death.

Hathras: Over 30 Ambedkarite student organizations across country call for protest

A Joint Action Council of Ambedkarite Students’ Organizations against Caste Violence on Dalits appealed to the various anti-caste organizations and like-minded individuals, to join them for a nationwide protest on 10 October, to register their dissent against the caste-based sexual violence on Dalit women.

Caste Hindus killed our daughter: 22 Ambedkarite organizations outside India over murder of Dalit woman in Hathras

During this distressing time, more than 20 Ambedkarite organizations who work outside India are seething with rage, pain and sadness at the brutal caste hate crime against a 19 year old Dalit woman in Hathras who was raped and murdered by upper-caste Hindu men.

Dalit scholar Suraj Yengde signs deal to write biography of Ambedkar

Juggernaut Books, on Monday, announced their deal with Dr Suraj Yengde to write a biography of B.R Ambedkar. Yengde, India's leading Dalit scholar and public...