Saturday, June 22, 2024

Topic: anti-Christian

Hindu mob vandalises Catholic school in Telangana, FIR filed against school, no cases against mob

The saffron mob vandalised St. Mother Teresa English Medium School in Kannepally village, breaking glass windows and flower pots and pelting stones on the statue of St. Mother Teresa at the main gates.

On Good Friday, Kerala bishops speak on anti-Christian attacks in Manipur, CAA, lives of minorities in current India

Prominent bishops in Kerala highlighted attacks against the Christian community, citing incidents in Manipur and other parts of North India, attributing them to the "powers of darkness" in their Good Friday messages.

Two Christians attacked daily in India – 687 incidents of violence recorded in 334 days of 2023

ndia is ranked as the eleventh-worst country for the persecution of Christians in the Open Doors World Watch annual ranking, with the United Christian Forum (UCF), an Indian Christian body, reporting an average of two anti-Christian incidents per day in the country.

“As India hosts G20, we Indians face persecution due to our faith,” says Christian body

In the first 212 days of 2023, 525 incidents of violence against Christians have been reported from 23 states of India, which is a significant increase compared to the total of 505 incidents reported for the entire year of 2022, according to United Christian Forum.

Hindutva group barges into church, attacks worshippers, manhandles women in national capital

Members of the Hindutva armed group Bajrang Dal, wielding speakers blaring the slogan "We will make a Hindu nation, Jai Shri Ram," attacked Christians who were praying inside a church in the national capital on Sunday.

Pakistan: Muslim mob burns churches, homes after blasphemy allegations, 100 arrested

Armed Muslim mobs have attacked at least two churches and several homes of Christians in Pakistan’s Jaranwala town accusing two Christian residents of blasphemy.