Friday, June 14, 2024

Topic: BDS

Ashoka University students demand cut-off of ties with Tel Aviv University over complicity in Gaza genocide, admin says “university does not take political stances”

Upholding the Palestinian demand for a boycott of Israeli universities complicit in the genocidal war on Gaza, the student government at Ashoka University called on the administration to suspend institutional ties with Tel Aviv University.

KFC shuts over 100 outlets in Malaysia over pro-Palestine boycott

American fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has temporarily shut over 100 restaurants in Malaysia as U.S.-linked businesses around the world face battering amid boycotts in favor of Palestine, triggered by the ongoing genocidal war in Gaza.

Global app-based workers union joins boycott Chevron-branded gas stations in solidarity with Palestine

App-based worker unions representing over 100,000 Uber drivers and other app-based drivers across 20 countries have united to boycott Chevron-branded gas stations, including Texaco...

McDonald’s misses sales target, blames Israel’s war in Gaza

McDonald’s, one of the most iconic US brands, attributes its failure to meet the first quarterly sales target in almost four years to Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza. This decline follows a call for a McDonald’s boycott by customers in Muslim countries, sparked by the Israeli franchisee's donation of thousands of free meals to the Israeli military.

Zara removes controversial ad after Gaza boycott calls

The fashion company Zara has removed a controversial advertising campaign from the website and official social media handles after pro-Palestine activists called for a boycott of the retailer.

Puma to end sponsorship of Israel’s football team in 2024

Though the move was planned since last year and is not related to consumer boycott calls against Israel amid the Gaza war, according to the spokesperson, the German sportswear firm has long faced boycott calls over its brand alliance with the Israel Football Association (IFA).