Saturday, April 20, 2024

Topic: Calligraphy

Wistful insurgence of Kareemgraphy: Where beauty breathe new life

Calligraphy, with its history stretching across continents and cultures, transcends the mere act of writing. It becomes a philosophical dance, a visual dialogue that reflects the deepest values and beliefs held by its creators. Each flowing line of a Chinese character, each intricate detail of Hebrew script, whispers the stories and philosophies of its civilization. Skilled calligraphers, like cultural chameleons, adapt their art to different languages, reminding us of the boundless potential for expression within this ancient art form.

Kerala’s new calligraphic niche

Calligraphy or ‘Kareemgraphy’ as Abdul Kareem stylizes it, is not just an aesthetic but also an important medium of discourse. A mostly self-taught calligrapher, the Malappuram native draws his inspiration from the world around. This is evident from his social media posts that is abreast of all political developments.