Friday, April 19, 2024

Topic: Chile

Chile declares state of emergency as forest fires kill at least 46 people

Chile has declared a state of emergency after the South American country grappling with intense forest fires which killed at least 46 people. Chile’s...

100 Chilean lawyers file petition at ICC against Netanyahu for “genocide” and “war crimes” in Gaza 

About 100 Chilean lawyers have registered a petition against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the International Criminal Court (ICC), on the grounds of committing crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes in Gaza.

South American leftist nations recall Israel ambassador

Colombia has recalled its ambassador to Israel over the Gaza genocide, joining a growing list of leftist South American countries curtailing diplomatic ties with...

Chile to inaugurate embassy in Palestine, president Boric says

Chilean President Gabriel Boric announced that his country will inaugurate an embassy in the Palestinian territories.

“Rebirth” Chile votes to rewrite Pinochet-era constitution

A huge majority of Chileans, on Sunday, voted to rewrite the country’s Pinochet-era constitution which enabled four decades of social and economic inequality for...

Transgender Rights Bill becomes law in Chile

The transgender bill signed into law on Wednesday defines gender identity as a personal conviction of whether a person sees himself or herself as male or female, irrespective of their physical state or the gender or name assigned to them in the country's civic register.