Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Topic: cholera

Oxfam, UN warn of Cholera threat, other diseases in Gaza

Oxfam and United Nations agencies have issued a stark warning, emphasizing that the breakdown of water and sanitation services in Gaza could trigger outbreaks of cholera and other life-threatening infectious diseases unless immediate humanitarian assistance is provided.

One billion people in 43 countries face cholera risk, amid ‘bleak’ outlook

After years of steady decline, cholera is targeting the world’s most vulnerable communities, UN health experts warned on Friday.

Over 1 billion in 43 nations at risk amid cholera outbreaks: WHO

A global surge of cholera cases has put one billion people in 43 countries at risk, the World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned this week.

“ Worrying upsurge” in deadly cholera, warns WHO

After years of declining cholera cases, “a worrying upsurge” of deadly outbreaks across the world has emerged over the past year – including in 27 countries since January, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) told journalists on Wednesday, in a wide-ranging briefing.

Syria: Cholera outbreak is ‘serious threat’ to whole Middle East

The official declaration of a cholera outbreak in the Aleppo region of Syria at the weekend, represents “a serious threat to people in Syria”, and the whole Middle East region, said the UN humanitarian relief coordinator for the country on Tuesday.

Yemen: UN issues desperate plea for people in heart of world’s worst humanitarian disaster

More than eight million people in the war-torn country, nearly half of them children, directly depend on the agency for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), amid ongoing conflict, cholera outbreaks and the COVID-19 pandemic.