Sunday, February 25, 2024

Topic: Dadri Lynching

What killed Azeem and the scuffle of narratives

Be it secularism or any other ideology, it has always kept Muslims on the opposite side. Even the activists here have a notion wherein they consider it as Muslim versus Others and not Muslim versus Hindu

Remembering Akhlaq: How the Politics of Trade in Beef is Terrorising Muslims

BJP’s beef policy is therefore based on a typical doublespeak of religion and politics. The “legal” beef trade caters to upper-caste bourgeois interests. But by banning “illegal” beef trade, the government is able to endanger the livelihoods and food practices of many Muslims and Dalits for whom beef is a cheaply available source of protein. The prosperity and economic interests of upper-caste beef exporters are hence directly linked to the damage done to the livelihoods in local beef shops.