Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Topic: digital advocacy

Decoding deepfake: Conversation with Anushka Jain on intersection of technology, privacy, and digital frontier

The present century has been witnessing the overflow of digital manipulation through deep generative methods. What you see is not always real, but the...

Digital rights groups stand against Aadhaar based facial recognition for COVID-19 vaccination

The undersigned human rights and digital rights organisations and individuals, including those from the public health community express their deep concern on the National Health Authority’s plans to use facial recognition for “contactless” COVID-19 vaccine delivery. Facial recognition technologies (FRT) pose a grave threat to human rights, including privacy, and are being rolled out in the absence of a valid legal basis. We recognise that the timely and efficient delivery of vaccines is vital. However, the use of facial recognition for authentication does little to ensure this, and will in addition put in place rights-infringing technologies that enable mass surveillance and the erosion of fundamental rights.

Digital rights group writes to UGC, Ministry of Education on exam proctoring

Following multiple reports of the use of exam proctoring technology by various universities across the country, Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) wrote to the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry of Education highlighting the shortcomings of this technology and asking them to issue detailed guidelines for conducting online examinations.