Friday, June 21, 2024

Topic: discrimination

“Potential threat” in “Hindu neighborhood”; Muslim woman faces protests over flat allotted under CM scheme in Gujarat

A Muslim woman's dream of a new home in Gujarat’s Vadodara has turned into a nightmare due to protests from residents of the housing complex. Despite being allotted a flat under the government's Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana scheme in 2017, she has been unable to move in due to objections based solely on her religion, reports Indian Express.

In JNU, Muslim student attacked by ABVP, labeled ‘security threat’ by professor, faces pressure to drop out

A PhD student at the prestigious JNU, a Muslim, subjected to a brutal assault by ABVP members and labeled a 'security threat' by his professor, is now compelled to drop out of the university.

Digital technology new source of discrimination against women: UN

Guterres noted that digital technology – the product of an industry that is predominantly male - represents a new source of discrimination and bias.

Muslim women face 47.1% discrimination in Indian job market, reveals report

A new report by Led By Foundation raises concern as Muslim women were found to be discriminated in the Indian job-market.

“Political persecution;” Gujarat’s Muslim fishermen move court seeking death

A leader from the local Muslim fishing community in Gujarat's Porbandar has approached the Gujarat High Court seeking permission to undergo euthanasia for himself and 600 members of his people, saying they have been facing "political persecution."

Marginalized students’ narratives vis-à-vis viva voce discrimination

This is such a disturbing aspect for a student’s psyche because you are not only being targeted inside that interview hall but you are also being made to disbelieve what you experienced.