Monday, December 4, 2023

Topic: Europe

Euro 2020: WHO voices concern over crowded stadiums

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned of easing COVID-19 regulations as many Euro 2020 host countries are allowing large crowds of spectators to gather in stadiums and watch matches.

Activists behind anti-CAA campaigns in Europe form human rights group

A coalition of human rights defenders in India and Europe formed the Collective Against the Violation and Abuse of Civil and Human Rights - (CAVACH), aiming to highlight state sponsored atrocities by the Indian Government.

Coronavirus: Europe’s death toll approaches 100, 000

Europe now accounts for a total of 100,510 coronavirus deaths - nearly two-thirds of the 157,539 fatalities worldwide.

A tale of two lockdowns

Here I tell the tale of two kinds of lockdowns, seen through the eyes of Marianne and Bharti - both imaginary - but recounting real-world scenarios.

Corona lockdowns may have saved 59,000 lives in Europe already, says study

The pandemic controlled lockdowns might have already saved up to 59,000 lives across 11 European countries battling the spread of the coronavirus, according to a study by experts in the United Kingdom.

Indian diaspora in 15 European cities protest against Delhi violence

More than hundreds of people gathered in the demonstrations held in at least 15 major European cities, including Brussels, Geneva, Helsinki, Kraków, the Hague, Stockholm, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Glasgow and London against the anti-Muslim pogrom in northeast Delhi and discriminatory citizenship acts on Saturday.