Sunday, May 19, 2024

Topic: Extrajudicial killing

On this day, fifteen years ago, Kerala Police killed six Muslims, including a minor; no justice yet

Fifteen years ago, on May 17, 2009, the day after the 2009 general election results were announced, Beemapally, a coastal town in the capital city of Trivandrum with a predominantly lower-caste converted Muslim majority, lost six Muslim lives in the largest police firing recorded in Kerala.

Police kill 23-year-old Muslim in UP: Family refutes theft accusation, encounter killing claims

A young Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh was killed by the cops on January 16. The police claimed he was an accused thief and was killed in an encounter, while the family insists he had nothing to do with theft and was cold-bloodedly murdered.

Kerala: 94-year-old rights activist sent to jail for protesting extrajudicial killings

Veteran human rights defender Ayinoor Vasu, popularly known as GROW Vasu, was arrested by the Kerala Police on Saturday, sparking outrage from various sections and rights activists.

Sister of Atiq Ahmed seeks inquiry into UP govt’s “campaign of extrajudicial killings” against her family

Former parliamentarian Atiq Ahmed’s sister has approached the Supreme Court claiming the Uttar Pradesh government and the State Police “responsible” for the extrajudicial killings of her two brothers and a nephew.

Atiq Ahmed killing: NHRC seeks report from UP Police within four weeks

The National Human Rights Commission on Tuesday directed the Uttar Pradesh Police to submit a report in four weeks into the killings of former MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in Allahabad.

Four of six arrested in Umesh Pal case killed by UP police, two by Hindutva sloganeers

In the case of Umesh Pal's murder, six people who were arrested were killed - four by the Uttar Pradesh Police, and two under the police escort by the men who chanted Hindutva slogans.