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In a letter, nearly 1000 actors, filmmakers demand transparency from Union govt

Nearly 1000 actors, filmmakers and other members of film industries in India have sent a letter to the information and broadcasting ministry against the Union government’s decision to shut down all the branches of the Films Division, National Film Archive of India and Children’s Film Society of India before the end of January.

Legendary filmmaker Kim Ki-duk dies of COVID-19

Award-winning and legendary Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk died from Covid-19 complications in Latvia, the country's media have reported.

Elections 2019: Joint statement by 103 film makers appealing to vote out BJP from power

Around 100 film makers of the country who make films to ensure social justice along side entertaining the intellect, have come together for a common cause. This time to protect the democracy of the country. They got together and issued a statement to appeal to the people of India to oust BJP from power.