Friday, June 14, 2024

Topic: GN Saibaba

“Their imprisonment State’s revenge…”: Family members of Saibaba, Hem Mishra

The continuing imprisonment of human rights defenders GN Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Mahesh Tirki and Vijay Tirki is State’s revenge, allege family members and colleagues of UAPA political prisoners on Monday.

”The best of people of the country are in jail today”: Academics, activists raise concern

Campaign Against State Repression(CASR), a collective of over three dozen organisations, conducted a press conference on Friday at Gandhi Peace Foundation in New Delhi on, "Dangerous Brain: Saibaba and Others" to scrutinise the Supreme Court judgement suspending Bombay High Court's  acquittal order of Prof. GN Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Vijay Tirki and Mahesh Tikri. 

Reversal of Bombay HC Judgment in great hurry reflection on India’s Justice system: Committee for Defence and Release of Prof G N Saibaba

“The Defense Committee for the Release of Saibaba felt that the Bombay High Court Judgment finally did Justice to Saibaba and others who have been incarcerated for the last almost seven years. The reversal of Judgment in great hurry is a reflection on the Justice system in India,” read a statement by Prof. G. Haragopal, chairman, the committee for the ex-DU professor's defence and release.

Public statement: Saibaba and others; Acquitted and then not

The reason behind this state repression of GN Saibaba is not unknown and it is well understood that he was incarcerated to suppress the voices against Operation Green Hunt, which was a war waged by the Indian state on its own populace, to facilitate unprecedented corporate loot of resources.

Protest for Saibaba; Delhi University students, professors beaten, detained

Students and professors of Delhi University, who were protesting against the Supreme Court of India’s stay on Bombay High Court ordered release of professor and human rights defender GN Saibaba on Saturday were manhandled and detained by the Delhi Police.

Supreme Court suspends Bombay HC order acquitting Saibaba

The Supreme Court Saturday suspended the impugned judgment and order of the Bombay High Court acquitting former Delhi University professor G N Saibaba in a case relating to his alleged Maoist links and stayed the release of five persons, including Saibaba.