Sunday, April 21, 2024

Topic: Gulf

Ramadan begins on Thursday in Gulf countries, Palestine

The holy month of Ramadan will start on Thursday, authorities in Gulf countries except Oman have announced, based on the expected sighting of the crescent moon.

Iran is a common foe for Israelis, Gulf monarchs; hence normalisation of ties: Prof. Bernard Haykel

Muhammed Noushad spoke to Prof. Bernard Haykel on pressing questions of the contemporary West Asian politics while the latter was touring India recently.

Gulf anger on Indian right-wing; Will it go beyond Twitter?

Analysts believe that gulf countries are not sincere in their current approach, rather it is just an attempt to scull the influence of Turkey's growing influence among the global Muslim community.

Covid-19: Plight of stranded Indians in Gulf countries

Day by day the number of expats longing to fly from gulf countries to India, their homeland is increasing. After this month, a majority of these people would reach the limits of their resources as most of them lost their jobs while some are uncertain about their job stability.

Middle east: Covid19 cases rose to 60,000, almost double their level a week earlier

Governments in the Middle East need to act fast to limit the spread of the coronavirus after cases rose to nearly 60,000, almost double their level a week earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned.

GCC markets get hard hit as coronavirus sinks crude oil prices

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) stated that “The main feed-through into the GCC is from the hydrocarbon sector, and we have lowered our average oil price and production assumptions for 2020. Consequently, we have made some tentative downward revisions to our headline GDP growth, fiscal and current account forecasts,”