Friday, May 24, 2024

Topic: Houthi

Houthis say Red Sea attacks ‘a great success,’ pledge to continue as long as Israel attacks Palestine

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis said they will press on with attacks on Red Sea shipping in solidarity with the Palestinians as long as Israel continues to commit “crimes” against them.

Freedom for all ships to pass through Red Sea – except those linked to Israel, say Houthis

Responding to the latest US strikes on the Houthis in Yemen, the rebel group’s spokesperson Mohamed Abdulsalam said that “continued US-British aggression” would not “prevent [the Houthis] from continuing to support the Palestinian people.”

US and UK launch airstrikes in Yemen, fear of escalation in the region 

The United States and Britain launched airstrikes in Houthi controlled regions of Yemen. The attack is said to be in response to the Iran aligned group’s attacks on commercial ships linked to Israel in the Red Sea.

US Red Sea coalition aims to encourage Israel’s ‘brutal crimes’: Houthis

The international coalition formed by the U.S. to protect maritime navigation in the Red Sea is part of the aggression against the Palestinian people, the politburo of Yemen's Houthi group said in a statement on Tuesday.

US announces multinational coalition against Houthi attacks in Red Sea

The United States on Monday announced a 10-nation coalition to confront Houthi missile and drone attacks on ships passing  the Red Sea region beside the Yemeni seaboard.

Houthis target another tanker ship, warn vessels travelling in Red Sea to avoid Israel or face attack

In a move to prevent ships carrying goods to Israel, Yemen's Houthi rebels warn ships travelling in the Red Sea to expect their attack.