Topic: Islamophobia

No end to anti-Muslim hate even as ‘humbled’ Modi assumes charge with ‘secular’ allies

In the darkness of night, a group of Muslim men were chased through the streets of Raipur district in Chhattisgarh by cow vigilantes. 

“Potential threat” in “Hindu neighborhood”; Muslim woman faces protests over flat allotted under CM scheme in Gujarat

A Muslim woman's dream of a new home in Gujarat’s Vadodara has turned into a nightmare due to protests from residents of the housing complex. Despite being allotted a flat under the government's Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana scheme in 2017, she has been unable to move in due to objections based solely on her religion, reports Indian Express.

Supreme Court halts release of Islamophobic film ‘Hamare Baarah’

The Supreme Court on Thursday stayed the release of the controversial movie 'Hamare Baarah' and asked the Bombay High Court to take an expeditious decision on a petition alleging that the film was derogatory to the Islamic faith and married Muslim women, Bar and Bench reported.

Asianet Suvarna News identifies India’s Muslim population with Pakistan flag, Hindus with Indian flag, issues apology later

Asianet Suvarna News used the Pakistani flag to represent the Muslim population in India and the Indian flag to represent the Hindu population during a show that aired on May 9, in an episode titled ‘Hindu Population Has Decreased, Muslim Population Has Increased Enormously.’

Unmasking institutionalized communalism against Muslims in India

Discriminatory legislation, prejudiced conduct in educational settings, and biased portrayals in media outlets contribute to the marginalization of Muslims across different areas. This sustains an environment of apprehension and uncertainty, hampering societal cohesion and advancement

PM Modi reiterates ‘redistribution of wealth’ claim, justifies anti-Muslim rhetoric: “I put truth before country”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday reiterated his anti-Muslim rhetorics and accused that the Congress tried to extend reservation on the basis of religion and give it to Muslims and hatched a "deep conspiracy" to snatch people's wealth and distribute it among "select" people.