Monday, February 26, 2024

Topic: Israel occupation

Israel accused of ‘war crime’ of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Sheikh Jarrah

Governments around the world on Wednesday joined human rights advocates in condemning Israeli authorities' forced expulsion of a Palestinian family and the demolition of their...

“No beauty in apartheid,” Palestinians call for boycott of Miss Universe event in Israel

Activists of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement have called for the boycott of Miss Universe 2021, "to be hosted by apartheid Israel in December."

Palestine: Sheikh Jarrah residents reject “protected tenants” status offered by Israeli court

The residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood have rejected the Israeli Supreme Courts’ proposal in a statement asserting that they “refuse to compromise” on their rights and “submit to an oppressive agreement.”

Fears grow for lives of 5 Palestinians on hunger strike in Israeli prisons

Israel has been urged to either release or charge five Palestinian prisoners currently on hunger strike in Israeli prisons. Grave concerns have been expressed for the lives of the prisoners by UN independent rights experts, who on Thursday, called on the Israeli Government to completely end the “unlawful practice “ of administrative detention.

Five Palestinians shot dead in Israeli attack in occupied West Bank

At least four Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army during overnight military raids on Sunday in the Jenin and Jerusalem areas of the occupied West Bank.

UN urges Israel to ‘protect and encourage’ Palestine rights defenders

UN Human Rights Council-appointed experts expressed deep concern on Friday over Israeli military interference in the work of a well-known, independent Palestinian child rights organization, in the occupied West Bank.