Friday, April 12, 2024

Topic: Jahangirpuri

“We cast our vote because…”: People of Jahangirpuri on MCD poll day

Muslims living in the G-block majorly spoke in favour of AAP while Hindu residents of the A-block showed support for either Congress or BJP on MCD poll day.

Jahangirpuri: HC grants bail to Muslim man, says he was not seen instigating the crowd

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday granted bail to a Muslim man accused in a case related to the violence that broke out in April in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri.

Watch: Erazed | Documentary on India’s bulldozer justice against Muslim dissent

Muslims said the real reason behind the demolition had nothing to do with the alleged illegality of the building and that they were being punished for being vocal critics of the government.

Jahangirpuri violence: In absence of men, Muslim women struggle to put food on table

Nargis,20, is anxious about how to feed her eight-month-old infant. The tragedy of losing her first child two years ago haunts her. But her...

Public statement: Stop demolitions in Delhi

Several women's groups, other groups and concerned citizens of Delhi on Wednesday wrote a letter of deep distress and concern to the LG of Delhi, CM of DELHI, Commissioner, municipal corporation of Delhi, demanding stop unlawful demolitions in Delhi, compensate, rehabilitate, restore livelihoods of the affected immediately.

‘Bulldozer politics’ crushes lives of Muslims in BJP ruled states

It was a regular morning in New Delhi’s Jahangirpuri until a few hours after they began fasting, the residents were jolted awake by the...