Monday, December 11, 2023

Topic: Khargone violence

Khargone violence: Muslims fined by Claims Tribunal accuse bias

"We were called every 10–15 days and whenever we went to the tribunal for the hearing, it looked as if the judge was the...

Khargone: Tribunal fined Muslim boy on BJP leader’s complaint filed 4 months after violence

On 10th April 2022, Khargone city in Madhya Pradesh witnessed anti-muslim violence by Hindutva groups during Ram Navami processions which led to large-scale destruction...

Khargone: 12-year-old Muslim boy asked to pay Rs 2.9 lakh for property damage

A 12-year-old Muslim boy in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone has received a notice to pay Rs 2.9 lakh for allegedly damaging public property during the Ram Navami violence that took place in April this year.

Khargone violence: Admin build walls dividing religious settlements

It's been two months since anti-Muslim violence broke in Madhya Prashe's Khargone. The city is still limping back to normalcy after violence broke out...