Sunday, December 3, 2023

Topic: Kim Ki-duk

Kim; the beauty of the wilderness

My filims are out of mediocrity, Kim ki Duk the south korean director known for his eccentric cinematic oeuvre, once said. May be that 's why the characters in his filims don't talk much. Most of the movies have very little dialogues, rather the scenes captured were excruciating. The fictional sculpture seems to be the mild surface of the sea, and the violence unexpectedly exploding are evident of how Kim's treatment of motif is idiosyncratic. It scares the audience sometimes with blood drips, and the scenes of cut penis, bitten vagina.

Legendary filmmaker Kim Ki-duk dies of COVID-19

Award-winning and legendary Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk died from Covid-19 complications in Latvia, the country's media have reported.